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With over 20 years of experience as a screenwriter, Mark Darby Slater, has recently completed his tenth screenplay, Pontius Pilate, (The Roman Prefect of Judea and Samaria). He landed his first professional screenwriting position while living in Malibu, California. This, after a successful career in business, often writing advertising copy was his first real hint of where his passion would come from. In his youth, as a Navigating Cadet, he sailed on four different oil tankers, writing long letters home. Meeting people in various walks of life has developed his desire to capture their characters for drama. His love of writing meant he was commissioned to write a romantic comedy, Fools & Mortals, under the supervision of Oscar-Nominated Film Director Paul Turner, and independent producer, Mark Steinberg, while living out west.


Shortly after, relocating to The Florida Keys, commissioned to write 90 Miles to Cuba, a love story, for independent producer Patricia Royce, led to another assignment by Beverly Hills financier, Joel Kaplan:  The Portrait, a musical stage play, within a filmed drama, with recorded orchestral music and lyrics in place, he set upon the adaptation.


He also edited a screenplay, The Legend of the Fishkill, a family drama, for another writer-producer, Alan Bush. Leaving his pen in the ink-pot for a while and moving up from Company Secretary, he was appointed by The Board of Directors to take the demanding position of Managing Director of The Key West Film Society and Tropic Cinema.


After a sabbatical, Mark returned to writing again, completed Saving Elena by Moonlight, collaborating with Henry Villate, resulting in an adaptation of an extraordinary love story. Slater also commissioned to complete A Book Proposal, a heartwarming love story and an orphan dog who plays cupid. He co-writes, Adventures in Paradise, with Captain Barry Spieler, a former schooner owner and charter boat captain. Pontius Pilate dominates his desk.

Mark’s interests extend into the business of film making. He currently develops the film, Pontius Pilate, seeks capital and talent. The screenplay complete, the film score written, the rendering of the art work in hand, 'progress', the unstoppable determinant!



ASCAP award-winner, Arthur (Art) Donald Osborne, internationally known American composer, orchestrator, arranger, producer and music educator: His children’s TV show; “ADVENTURES WITH MR. BANDMAN” being one of his many accomplishments.

As a composer and arranger, Art has written for TV and Movies: “Color of Respect”, “CHRISTMAS Isn’t CHRISTMAS”, “Pontius Pilate” and for Churches, Colleges, plus well-known solo recording artists. He has also performed across the nation including Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. As a Music Educator he was Chairman of the Music Department for a major Bible College in Dallas, Texas; A Music Educator in the Dallas ISD (Independent School District) and has taught an online college preparatory Music Appreciation class with students throughout the state of Texas. Dramatic film score for Pontius Pilate, a result of over one hour of musical sketches, now ready for production. Art adds, “I read the scenes of the script one day at a time and the following morning I compose the music. It is given to me.”


Art Director/Designer/Sculptor/Painter

Monte and Mark worked together on a historical film, a ‘psychological’ love story, based on a true story. It was at that time Mark gained an appreciation for Monte's ability to interpret the screenplay exactly as written!  “It can’t get better for me”  says Mark;  “He sees what I have written!” Mr. Triz has created stage sets for Hollywood; art director and designer for Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida; Fox/Viacom and the Walter Hill Company; National Director of Art Design for Historic Tours of America; production art, painter, sculptor,  with films and television shows under his pallet making over 25 years of professional experience.  Pontius Pilate The Movie welcomes Montgomery Triz.


Caroline Slater, Portraiture Artist, joins the Creative Team Caroline, an accomplished artist, has come on board recently. Caroline renders inspired visualizations from the historic record and my screenplay. Not that much history exists, although Caligula for instance, is well described by historians Suetonius, Pliny the elder, and Seneca, the dramatist, as seen in my non-fiction No Man Called Me.  Caroline brings a love of film to her work. She studied in Nottingham, England, Paris, France, Berlin, Germany and Annapolis, USA. She obtained an honors degree in fine art. Former Head of Art, she obtained an outstanding, one-hundred-pre-cent pass rate, for her students, a British national record. Today she dedicates herself to painting on canvas using various media. We welcome her aboard for this development and pre-production period. 



Qualified Individuals May Request a Business Plan from Mark Darby Slater

Production paintings by CHRISTINE HARRIS

Influenced by the opening titles of spectacular Biblical films, Christine revives the style and mood of those classic films of long ago. In particular she has studied the works of Saul Bass, perhaps one of the most successful graphic designers of film titles in the 1960s. 

Pontius Pilate Music Composed and Orchestrated by Arthur Donald Osborne (ASCAP)

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