The Vision

the Musical & the Movie

Third Edition 



Driven by personal failures, anticipated triumphs and led by faith, the author’s autobiography gives life to the reason why he has become his own authority on Pontius Pilate the musical and the movie.  In addition, this flow of film development, as provided to his patrons, intrigues and excites. Slater reveals his unique inner workings with illustrations and examples. This spectacular action/drama movie he has visions of making will contain Biblical truths and supernatural science. He claims he knows how YESHUA HA MASHIACH, JESUS THE MESSIAH resurrected His physical form to walk through rock.  The story excerpts, the historical underpins, the little known facts, all research based, gives Pontius the Roman Prefect, his space, his place, in our time.

Pontius Pilate Music Composed and Orchestrated by Arthur Donald Osborne (ASCAP)

All Rights Reserved / Used by Permission Only